X Visas for India

An X-visa used to be issued to people who don't clearly fall into any of the other categories of visa applicants (such as volunteers).


However, as of mid-2010, an X-visa is only available to the following people:

  • A foreigner of Indian origin.

  • Spouse and children of a foreigner of Indian origin or Indian citizen.

  • Spouse and dependent children of a foreigner coming to India on any other long term visa, such as an Employment visa or Business visa.

  • Foreigners who are joining specified ashrams or spiritual communities, such as Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Missions of Charities in Kolkata, or certain Buddhist monasteries.

  • Foreigners who are participating in professional international sporting events.

It's not possible to work in India on an X-visa. However, X-visas can be extended in India, and there's no need to leave every six months. If you do stay for longer than six months at a time, you'll need to register at with Foreigners Regional Registration Office.